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 投稿者:lalaメール  投稿日:2011年10月 6日(木)19時18分52秒
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  This beloved, although Hefa chicken skin, on the 36 than I, but they are a really treat me any others said he was "profane the name of court control, injury literati tradition." discount coach handbags He is still willing to marry entropy The ceremony to greet, others have loved to shock the world, he just run my hands in the materials proposed boiling silent smile.
He built for me in Yushan spectacular gorgeous "purple-Yun Lou" and "red beans Museum," rich prosperous, comfortable leisure, told through a home early from top to bottom, everybody is polite to be me. Since he is gentle and polite. What I do not know enough? Boudoir of the music, even in the thrush, he said: "I love you, black hair, a white meat." A phase I blurted: "I love you, black hair, a white meat." He laughed his back, made me laugh is Yan Yan. Eyes of others, is the Romantic, just like heaven strike.
I finally have a home, but, but lost the country.
Qing cruel long drive south, a broken, populations everywhere, the fall of the capital, a large Ming Dynasty in the spinning of subversion. Nest eggs will survive security there? Qian Yi I's full support to sell their assets, equipment, anti-volunteer army.
Hopeless situation, losing ground.
Yiyou May of change, hope, I advise Qian Yi martyred. He was silent a moment, bring my hand to the banks of West Lake.
Mayday, get the slightestnfl jerseys from china gentle willow, Liuhua initial burning, the wind old warbler young. Spoonful of West Lake, a century dance, a century intoxicated. Li Yi-an that has been refused Koto pride, I bow down to any security Nengcui eyebrow see rivers and mountains devastated by the Manchus? Bik, such as faint emerald lake side, glowing color of the ripples Dai, faint distant picturesque Castle Peak area.
I see many charming Castle, Castle expected to see me to be the case.
If so, in the case, the voice of familiar and Apprehension, amulet of life and death, but the original never forget, never forget that man did. They married and others had not got what they wanted, but gambling breath, this breath of his gambling. Can not think of pain in shock, afraid to think about it, do not want to think about. He was captured after the generous bowls then die die a martyr, bitter as wide acclaim, and I went to Quan Xiang Xie life with others.
Son lying, I can only be your afterlife.
Qian Yi has been slowly into the water, my face only a quiet smile, and hee.
Son lying, lying children, whether you are athletic, waiting on me?
Qian Yi suddenly come back to, said: "If so, the water cooler."
My chest suddenly coach purses outletsnapped, he had to retreat step by step, Zhitui ashore.
I suddenly felt endless sorrow, I picked and chose, the choice of the good husband, but it was such a cowardly man, in the end is inferior to him, in the end is a fight but he.
I suddenly turn around and go, Fen Shen want water in the sink. He inferior to Chen Long, but I must not!
Sleeve, he was immediately pulled tightly, Qian Yi sorrow and looked at me, look in the clear understanding and transparent, but suddenly I was surprised with trepidation.
I thought he did not know, or that he still did not know, to marry him, he is willing to let my clothes out the apartment door of Confucianism parlor, and even poems for Chen Long's preface. He know? He did not know? But his eyes, only endless boundless sorrow, my breathing was rapid and urgent, like a fish to suffocate, just want to jump back into the water.
He stressing each nfl jerseys on sale syllable: "If so, future generations to bear my infamy." Slowly said: "History of the Department of Court stubbornly loyal to the city, the result? The massacre on the 10th, rivers of blood. Who is not loyal, non-dutiful son who, know fate of a return, the event has been known to go, surrender Guiming, preservation hundreds of millions of lives, the lofty ideals of the contract, and a real man can carry on self-determination! "
My mournful voice: "either you predicament sly words, is but a drop for the color shy sophistry, treason Erchen, you can afford to bear, I can not afford to bear."

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